Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Thousand Pictures

At 8pm tomorrow, HBO will premiere the documentary, "One Thousand Pictures" - a film by Jennifer Stoddart that tells the story of Robert Kennedy's funeral train through the stories of many of the people who waited to see it, and in particular, through the recollections and photographs of Paul Fusco who was on the train tirelessly taking pictures of the vast cross section of Americans who came to pay their respects to the assassinated Senator and hope of many.

As I never tire of saying, Fusco's pictures are to me the greatest series in American photography, so it's interesting that the film doesn't see things from a photographic perspective. But that's its strength. It simply tells a deeply moving, sometimes shocking, and improbably nostalgic story. It's a worthy companion to Fusco's masterwork and should not be missed.

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